Why are Online Slots So Popular in the UK

Online gambling is the in-thing in the UK, and online slot sites are a favourite among many gamblers. Research conducted by the UK Gambling Commission in 2019 revealed that the gambling market brought in more than £14.

Billion yearly. Most UK players play online slots because there are no special skills required, are easy to play, offer lucrative bonuses, and are convenient to play.

Are Online Slot Legal in the UK?

Online Slots Are Totally Legal In The UK, Players don’t have any legal worries or uncertainties playing online slots in the UK. The gambling laws are clear, and it’s legal to play slots in the nation. Before the UK Gambling Commission that licenses operators and individuals, the industry was regulated by old-fashioned legislature. Today, the Gambling Commission does more than licensing operators, and it offers gambling advertisements and services. There are plenty of licensed online casino sites that are offering unparalleled betting opportunities. Before the gambling Act of 2005, casino operators would come and go and sometimes disappear with players’ hard-earned funds.

The Gambling Commission plays a great role today by ensuring these online slot sites are regulated and licensed to operate. They have to abide by set laws and terms and conditions of gambling. The commission makes sure casinos are safe, and the operators remain legal. A licensed casino operator has to keep players’ wagers safe and ensure the gambling platforms are genuine and guarantee slots’ randomness. The operator has to ensure strict controls against any form of fraud and protect players who have gambling problems. This means that if a player has an addiction issue or gambling more than he can afford, the casino operator has to step in and help.

To play slots, you have to be at least 18 years old. The casino also has to consider self-exclusion, whereby a player can exclude himself from accessing the website. Significantly, each casino has to identify the age of its players. This is an effective way to curb money laundering and malicious online activities.

Online Casinos Offer Big Bonus Incentives.

The online gambling industry has been competitive ever since, and reputed casinos embrace incredible strategies to attract more customers. You will not miss an average casino that offers big bonus incentives. Online casinos do everything possible to keep their customers happy and satisfied.

If wondering what big bonuses these casinos offer, there is indeed a lot in store for you and many other slot players. They include:

  • Welcome bonus that covers your first deposit upon registering as a new member. You can go on and enjoy free spins. A deposit bonus is also a great incentive, and the bonus matches a percentage of the amount you have deposited.
  • Free spins allow online slots lovers to play real money slots without risking their funds. You are allowed to cash out the winnings after meet the set terms and conditions.
  • VIP Rewards are also common and will keep you visiting the site and keep playing.
  • Many slot sites are generous with big casino bonuses and rewards because they keep players motivated and spur them to play more. These casinos also want players to deposit more and stay as loyal customers. Bonuses fit perfectly into most casinos’ referral programs that are an excellent marketing tactic to attract more customers.

Huge Jackpots Can Be Won

If you want to win big playing online slots, you can try your luck on the progressive slots. Some of the best online slot sites offer progressive jackpot slots. You can win a million-plus payback playing on progressive slots, though your odds of hitting the huge jackpots are quite slim, but you never know, lady luck might smile on you and end up winning a life changing sum.

How Often Do Online Slots Payout?


Slots online are often seen as a fun way to indulge in a little chance gambling online, with any big payouts being a nice bonus. For others, slot machines are mathematical puzzles, something that, with the right knowledge, can payout winnings consistently and somewhat predictably.

This all sounds great, but getting that knowledge-and knowing how to use it is an essential part of the equation. Arguably the most important skill you can develop in this regard is being able to tell when a slot machine is ready to payout. There are many factors, but how often a machine pays out is probably the biggest.

As a general rule, slot machines payout once per ten thousand spins. However, this is a probability, not a hard rule. That means even with the best paying lots that on average it will be paying out that often. In reality, the distribution of payouts could see no payout for 20,000 spins and then two payouts back to back.

How To Tell If a Slot Is Ready To Pay

Slot machines payout on an RTP (return to player) percentage basis. If the RTP were 100%, the slot machine would not generate a profit, since all the money put in would be paid back out. If it were 110%, the slot machine would lose money. The highest paying slot machines online tend to be in the region of 95-98%, meaning that for every dollar that is put in, around £0.98 would be paid back out.

Of course, this doesn’t happen instantly. RTP tends to be realised over long periods as much as a million spins-so while machines with a high RTP should payout more often, it won’t help you in determining when those payouts will be. Still, it helps to focus your efforts on slots with higher RTPs, and that information is readily available online.

One indicator you can use for when a machine is ready to pay out is if that machine has not paid out for a long time. This is a little difficult to check online, however. Many online casinos post the latest wins, so one trick would be to have a selection of slots you want to target and keep an eye out for them in the winners notifications. If a slot has just paid out, leave that one alone for a while.

Do Online Slots Have a Payout Schedule?

There is no regular payout schedule for a typical slot machine. Having an identifiable schedule would be an obvious exploit, and would lead to large numbers of people waiting for the right time and swamping a given slot machine.
While there is no set schedule (either in time or number of spins) that can be used to decide when to play a particular slot game, there are ways to tell if a machine is getting close, or “loose”.

Firstly, slots do run hot and cold (also referred to as being “streaky”), so you can often tell what kind of “mood” the slots you’re playing is in, once you get used to the feel of it. If you are getting regular small winnings, there is a good chance that the slots are just stringing you along and there is no big payout in the immediate future.

The other major thing to be aware of, as we mentioned above, is whether the machine has paid out big recently. The nature of probability means that it is theoretically possible that two big payouts could happen very close to each other, but it is extremely unlikely. Slots that have recently paid out big should be left alone for a little while.

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