What are Bonus Wagering Requirements?

Wagering requirements are the specific amount of money specified by online casinos that players must play-through before they can withdraw real cash. Those casino deposit bonuses usually come with clear conditions that each player must meet. These include a wagering requirement or a minimum withdrawal limit.

How To Beat Wagering Requirements?

When you are trying to win big at an online casino when playing some of their active bonuses, the most important thing is to clear their wagering requirements without impacting your balance.

This is one of the greatest problems for the vast majority of players who end up losing more than half of their winnings when trying to clear the wagering requirements. However, this should not be that hard if you use a couple of basic strategies in charge of beating wagering requirements.

One of the strategies to implement is to start playing on low bets, which gives you the best chance to easily clear your wagering requirements. Anyhow, this strategy takes too long, and players at some point find it stressful and lose self-discipline.

On the other hand, you can do just the opposite. Start playing high variance slots on high or medium bets. Wondering why so? Because this is a good trick to hit a good bonus round and win everything you lost. Bear in mind that after each big payout, you move on to another casino game.

Anyhow, the worst thing you can choose to do after winning a big is to start hunting even a bigger payout!

Are There Any Casino Bonuses Without Wagering Requirements?

We get it. Online casino players know that operators attach specific wagering requirements to their so-called sign up welcome bonuses. The result of this is that people have to waste a lot of time before they are even able to withdraw their winnings.

So this had led to a completely new casino generation offering a much simpler set of terms. So how do no wagering online casinos work? Although it might seem at first glance that there is a catch, the whole beauty of no wagering casinos lies in the fact that it really is that simple.

All players have to do is to go to the casino website, sign up, claim their offer, and then choose the game they would like to play. Some operators demand wagering requirements to ensure they will have a profit, which means their generosity can’t be abused by players.

Think of the following – a casino that offers new players a large bonus whenever they make the first deposit of £100, they do not want the players to quickly withdraw £200, as this way, they would be losing money.


The online gambling industry is continuously evolving and growing. As casinos compete on a global level, they are always trying to attract new members through advanced and bigger and bigger bonuses.

Anyhow, those who have high wagering requirements are designed to take a lot of time from players before they can even withdraw money.