Mobile Slots vs. Desktop Slots

It’s an easy assumption to make that online casino players prefer the comfort of their own homes while playing quality casino games on their desktop or laptop PCs. However, we are a nation of mobile technology lovers and many of us spend many  – probably too many – hours with our heads buried into our mobile phones whilst at home as well as out and about. So which do casino players prefer – mobile or desktop casino games? What is the difference between them anyway, and which are better to play? Let’s weigh up the pros and cons of mobile slots gaming vs. desktop slots gaming.

Mobile Slots & Desktop Slots: What’s the Difference?

There is actually very little difference between slots played on mobile and slots played on desktop, especially in terms of gameplay. If you were to launch NetEnt’s popular Starburst slot, for instance, gameplay would be identical regardless of your chosen device to play on. As mobile technology continues to advance, the features of mobile slots continue to improve too, resulting in additional features that were originally optimised for PC such as auto-spin.

Internet Access

Internet access and availability is one of the factors that can greatly contribute to the quality of your experience playing slots on both mobile and desktop. You’d be forgiven for assuming that a player might have a better experience playing slots on a PC connected to WiFi, but in fact, a mobile phone connected to 4G can easily compete in terms of speed and download times. However, relying on 4G can result in some hefty data charges for some players.

Battery Life

When indulging in desktop slots gameplay, it’s likely that you’re comfortably settled in one place with your PC plugged in on charge. Playing on your mobile or tablet device, however, means you’re less likely to have a constant supply of electricity to your device…and unfortunately, your battery life can drain pretty quickly, as many online games will devour your battery power. This is one of the disadvantages of mobile casino gaming but can be avoided by starting your session with a full battery and keeping a charger handy for those times when the battery runs low.

Screen Size

Naturally, the PC holds the advantage here in terms of screen size. However, it all comes down to personal preference. Sure, on the PC, the game is enlarged, the graphics clearer and the buttons easier to navigate. That being said, on the compact mobile screen, image resolution can be brilliant and the condensed format is appealing to many.


For some, desktop gameplay is plenty convenient. There is no requirement to head down to a local casino to play your favourite slots; simply get comfortable, switch on your PC, log in and away you go. Mobile casinos take it a step further and allow even greater freedom when it comes to gameplay – want to play on the morning commute? In the coffee shop? In the park? The options are limitless, providing there is internet access, of course.

Game Variety

Once upon a time, there wasn’t a great deal of choice for those wishing to play online slots via their mobile. The situation has undergone a drastic change, however, and the choice of mobile slots is now almost as impressive as the choice of desktop slots. Basically, when a software provider produces and develops a brand new online slot machine, they now optimise it for mobile use as well as desktop. In fact, many providers place more emphasis on developing the game as a mobile slot, since this is the most popular method used amongst casino players in the UK.

Mobile Slots or Desktop Slots: Which Take the Crown?

The mobile slots vs desktop slots battle is ongoing and ultimately boils down to personal preference. However, although desktop casino gaming holds some clear advantages over mobile casino gaming, there is one clear winner in the popularity contest, and that’s mobile slots.

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