How to Become a Safer Gambler


Each gambler has a particular reason why he/she gambles, and you can’t group all of them in just one category. Still, it is safe to say that these individuals share a common goal – winning massive amounts of money instantly.

With the increasing availability and easy access to online gambling sites, the number of gamblers increases with each passing year. To understand why people gamble more comprehensively, let’s discuss some vital points regarding this topic. Some folks immediately think of something negative when they hear the word “gambling.” which is not surprising because of the negative connotations that come with risking money.

Some folks immediately think of something negative when they hear the word “gambling.” which is not surprising because of the negative connotations that come with risking money. Would you believe it if you heard that gambling could provide you with several benefits? Aside from being an excellent source of entertainment, scientific studies say that gambling may have some advantages. Learning new skills is possible as you gamble. As you play, you may become better at maths, observantness, pattern detection, and more. This recreational activity keeps the brain engaged as you partake in it. Moreover, you will learn to form tactics and strategies, which can be advantageous in other life aspects.

Not only that, but gambling encourages socialization among players as well. Interacting with others will naturally happen, especially when you’re playing games such as poker and blackjack that requires more than one player for them to work. On top of these benefits, gambling can positively impact your mood. An analysis showed compared two groups of individuals – one that watches television as the primary entertainment source and the other who gambles. After conducting several tests, the researchers concluded that the gambling group’s happiness levels are higher than those of the television group.

The Psychology of Gambling

Now that we have established that gambling isn’t a bad thing, you may wonder, “Why do gamblers continue to play when most of them lose?” Looking into the data generated from gambling-related surveys would likely answer this question. Even though there is a wide range of motivational factors on why people gamble, most of them are related to cultural acceptability and availability. These factors, however, are not the only reasons why people gamble. Gambling is a multifaceted phenomenon, and considering numerous factors is necessary to make conclusions. Gambling is one of the many activities in which people can get rewarded for providing little to no effort. This fact alone explains why countless gamblers are willing to take risks.

Players can also have a life-changing experience for placing a small stake, which adds to the activity’s appeal. There are also some instances in which gamblers get affected by unconscious factors as they indulge in recreational gambling. One of the most substantial factors at play among them is pride. Many individuals let pride get in the way of minimizing losses, determined to prove to other players that they are excellent at gambling. Unfortunately, the short-term satisfaction that comes with it usually has a long-term adverse impact on profits.

Gambling Addiction

Too much of anything can be harmful, including gambling. Those who suffer from the impulse-control disorder called compulsive gambling can’t control gambling desires, even when it is negatively affecting them and their loved ones. They will keep on gambling regardless of whether the odds are against them or not. Fortunately, some people who experience gambling-related issues are not totally out of control. A milder variant called problem gambling affects the others instead. If you find yourself preoccupied with gambling, spending more than you intend despite chasing losses, you probably have a gambling problem.

Gambling problems are often associated with behavioural and mood disorders, as well. It is a concern that some problem gamblers suffer from unmanaged ADHD, substance abuse issues, depression, stress, anxiety, and bipolar disorder. To effectively overcome problems with gambling, addressing these underlying issues should come first. Some may feel like they can’t overcome their negative gambling habits, take a look at these tips for responsible gambling. One of the most crucial steps to overcoming your gambling addiction is self-awareness. It takes great courage to admit that you have an issue, especially if pride gets the best of you sometimes. Once you become aware of your problem, the next steps will naturally follow.

Gambling is the favourite recreational activity of many individuals, and that is not surprising. Aside from providing countless hours of entertainment, having luck on your side could help you get massive cash rewards with little investment. However, anything in excessive amounts is harmful, including gambling. Gamblers must assess themselves now and then to determine whether they are gambling too much or not. As long as they don’t overlook this aspect, facing issues in the future will be unlikely.

Online gambling can be a brilliant and rewarding pastime; it is immense fun and has the potential to dish out incredible prizes. There’s a good reason why it’s so very popular, of course. But let’s not ignore the downside to gambling, namely, casino games and slot machines can become extremely addictive for a minority of gamblers. When harmless fun develops into something stressful or compulsion and begins to affect other aspects of a player’s life negatively, said pastime is no longer an enjoyable hobby used to relax and unwind.

Slot Games & Gambling Addiction

Many people love to take risks. They love the thrill; the dopamine release, and of course, risk-taking can be beneficial in many contexts. For the most part, frequent gamblers enjoy the risk-taking element of their pastime – a casual bet here and there, half an hour playing online slots games, for instance. But if a player begins to often bet more than they can afford to lose and/or feels anxiety in relation to gambling, these are warning signs of a compulsion that could spiral out of control.

When we consider gambling and slots addiction, we often associate it with money. After all, gambling is largely centred around cash; the ultimate desire of the player is to win the jackpot. An addiction can cause a player to place large bets greater than their budget, and if losses occur, they could plunge into debt. They may try to keep up those high bets in an attempt to win big to pay off those debts, but it doesn’t always work out.

However, not all online slots accept or payout real money. There are many online slots that can be played for free, but is it possible for gamblers to become addicted to this type of slot game?

How do Free Online Slots Work?

Firstly, let’s look at how it is possible to play online slots and what free play entails. Many online slots sites offer premium games from leading software providers, have a free version available. This version, usually known as ‘free play’ or ‘demo mode’ provides the very same gameplay as the real money variant. The only difference is, the free slot game does not accept real money wagers, nor does it pay out real money prizes. The player is essentially playing a simulation of the real cash slot game, with a make-believe bankroll.

Can a Player Still Become Addicted to Free Slots?

There may be no actual cash involved, but free slots are incredibly popular across the internet. Despite the lack of real money wins, addiction may still occur in relation to free slots. Some players feel a compulsion to spin the thrilling reels of a slot game, free or not. Just like players can become addicted to video games or mobile games, free slot addiction is entirely possible. Think about it, these games are available to us at the touch of a button via our smartphones, and can seem like the perfect antidote to a stressful day. Switch off, unwind and escape with an easily accessible free hobby? It makes sense that free slots are so in demand.

Where to Get Help if Playing Slots Becomes a Problem

Thankfully, in most cases, playing free slots online remains a harmless and enjoyable activity. However, if you do find yourself playing these slot games too often, if they bring on bouts of anxiety and stress or simply interfere negatively with other aspects of your life, try to take regular breaks. If this feels too difficult, or your activity feels out of control, there is plenty of help available online such as

Online gambling or gambling at a casino provides one of the best ways of having fun during your free time, but the activity is very addictive. You have to be careful not to lose control. Otherwise, things could quickly get out of hand, and you’ll find yourself borrowing money to gamble with. Even though licensed casinos & slots in the UK are required to help players control gambling, you still have to take responsibility for yourself to ensure you don’t lose control. The measures enforced by the casinos and the Gambling Commission will only help make your efforts more fruitful. Start by gambling for the right reasons.

What does responsible gambling mean?

Responsible gambling refers to the rules and policies imposed by relevant authorities on gambling stakeholders to ensure gamblers’ safer experiences. With responsible gambling, players are protected from the negative effects of gambling, and the highest standards are maintained in every casino and online slots platform.

The rules apply to all gambling platforms, including online websites. Even the gaming developers and software suppliers for those sites are required to comply with the legislation and the technical demands when making their products. Software suppliers are also expected to encourage online gaming platforms to comply with responsible gambling policies.

The main intention behind responsible gambling is that the activity should be for fun and not for income generation. By treating gambling as a recreational activity, you will understand the risks better and not risk losing your assets. The policies also help in controlling the time players spend gambling online in the UK.

Why Is Responsible Gambling important?

Responsible gambling protects vulnerable players that are likely to be addicted to gambling activities. When a gambler becomes addicted, they lose their rational thinking and will start spending all their money. This will soon change their normal lives and make it harder for them to cope. They are likely to get into debt or lose all their savings. Responsible gambling ensures online casinos put a limit on the amount that someone can spend on them.

Responsible gambling also ensures underage children don’t engage in gambling activities. It puts age restrictions, ensuring that only those older than 18 years play. That is why all licensed operators have a registration process that includes verification of age.

With responsible gambling, the safety and security of gamblers is enhanced. Criminals often target gambling sites, and they can collect all the information about the players. The policies require operators to have software and encryptions that hinder hacking and other illegal data copying activities. The operators are also expected to keep players’ information safe by not sharing them with third parties and making it harder for unauthorized people to access them.

How can I gamble responsibly?

Always gamble for fun and not to generate income. If you start viewing gambling as a career, you’ll end up overindulging and will lose a lot of money. However skilled you are, gambling should always be for fun. Trying to use it as a “get-rich-quick” process will land you into more financial trouble than it’s worth.

Always know your limits to not end up gambling with what you can’t afford to lose. It doesn’t make sense to place a huge bet that you are not sure you’ll win. Smaller bets are better, especially when it’s something that won’t impact your normal life negatively.

Never start gambling without a limit on your time and money. Have a limit on the amount you’ll play with as well as your time. For the money, think about what you can lose comfortably. You can set the maximum deposit amount allowed by the casino. When it comes to time, the general rule is that the more you play, the more you increase your chances of losing your money. Choose an online casino that has time.


With these tips, controlling your gambling should be much easier. follows all the responsible gambling policies and only lists casinos that offer the best experience to players with constant reality check messages, deposit limits and self-exclusion options.

Professional Help

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