A Practical Guide to Winning Online Slots

reel winThere are hundreds of online slots based on everything from popular movies and TV shows to Rock Bands and Leprechauns with colourful lights and entertaining music. While it is true that landing a win on a slot relies a lot on luck, gut feeling or personal instinct, if you are a person who does not lose his or her calm after losing a few spins, online slots can be a great way to win big money.

Many people are indeed playing online slots to reduce their boredom and to add some excitement to a boring evening and now anyone can play slots on a mobile phone anywhere anytime is one of the major driving forces behind the surge in online players. If you are a newbie or someone looking for some top tips on how to win playing online slots then read on.

Practice with Free Slots

Almost every slot game also came with a free demo version, or a practice play option. So, before playing online slots that offer real money, the best strategy is to start practising free slot games with no deposit. By doing so, you will also become well-acquainted with the rules of the game. As the old saying goes, practice makes a man perfect! So, just practice and practise before risking your real money. Moreover, you can identify your mistakes and can chalk out a perfect winning strategy. Remember, many sites don’t require a download or registration to enable you to play free practice slot games!

Start with No Deposit Slots

The best UK slots sites offer opportunities to spin the reels free on registration, many also allow existing players to pick up bonuses and free games monthly or weekly! So, start with online slot sites that offer no deposit bonuses or no deposit free spins and have loads of fun without betting any money.

Look for Good RTP

RTP means the return to player percentage. So, it makes sense to look for online slot games with good RTP. Thus, you will know how the slot is programmed to offer payback over time. This will also tell you whether you have a better chance or not to win the jackpot. Online slots become much exciting when the slot has a good RTP. For example, if you risk a hundred dollars on a slot game with 96% RTP, you are likely to get ninety-six dollars! Remember, it is hard to find out the RTP of a slot machine on a casino floor, but you can easily find the RTP of an online slot machine by typing the title in question in Google.

Pick the Right Game

For winning an online slot, learn the art of picking the right slot game. For example, you may be tempted to choose branded online slots that typically involves the theme music of your favourite movie or reality TV show. However, you need to know that such branded slots are for marketing and strengthening their brand image. These online slots are not created so that players could win good money. These slots usually offer very low or minimum bets to lure people, but it is always very tough to get a prize, and you will rarely win. Choosing the wrong slot can disappoint you at the end of your game.

Keep an Eye on the Pay Table

Many times, people start playing an online slot without having adequate knowledge about the paytable, which reduces their chance of winning the game. So, never fail to keep an eye on the paytable. You can access it by clicking the icons present at the bottom of your game screen. In most cases, a pop-up window emerges that tells about all the symbols, winning combinations, and the amount of money that will be paid if they achieve those combinations. Sometimes, information is also provided about the bonus games and prizes it offers. It is not very tough to understand a paytable even when they vary vastly in designs in different games because the information featured is more or less the same.

Look After Your Bankroll

Online slots are very addictive. So, define the amount of money you could bet at the beginning of playing the game. Stick to that limit under all possible circumstances so that you don’t end up losing everything. It is not wise to bet an amount that you can’t afford to lose in an online game. So play sensibly, even if you want to win the game badly. Some slot machines can quickly eat up your hard-earned money if you are not good at playing. So, don’t jeopardize your bankroll without giving it a second thought. Suppose if you want to play seven days a week, decrease the number of days you will play. Thus, you can increase the amount you can risk per session of your online slot.

Online Slots Strategy

It is a myth that there exists a winning strategy. Earlier, slot machines have a mechanical concept, but now everything is digitized. Online slot machines use random numbers generated in a fraction of a second by using complex computer algorithms. So, whenever you spin the wheel, there is no human way to know the results. In short, online slot machines use random number generators. So, keep your focus on practising. Remember all the points mentioned above will help you to win the game.

If you can remember the recommended points, you will minimize your chances of losing your hard-earned money and win big money! Also, never fail to make use of some features, such as auto-play or fast-play if available. These can improve your chances of a quick win. Finally, keep patience as winning the jackpot in an online slot game is not always easy as it sounds.

How Long Should You Stay on One Slot Machine?

woman playing slotsSlot machines are programmed to win a certain amount of time. Since it’s impossible to know when the next win or jackpot will be, it’s also not always easy to know whether you should stay at the machine or go on to another one.

Most casino slots experts recommend that you follow the 20-rule. This means that you either stick to a time limit of 20 minutes on a machine or that you only play until you’ve won or lost £20. If you start with this amount of money, you can play until you’ve earned a fair amount or until you lose your balance. By following this general guideline, you won’t be tempted to continue playing online slots that are not giving any payout. If you do manage to hit the jackpot though, it’s best to stop playing since jackpots are infrequent events.

When to Walk Away from a Slot Machine

There are a few basic reasons why you would want to leave a slot machine. When the game itself tells you to walk, you should follow this guideline. For example, you may be playing a negative expectation game. This is one where the casino has the edge and you’re guaranteed to lose mathematically over time. Serious professionals whose main interest is profit will tell you to walk away from that type of game before you put in any money. However, most gamers are enjoying the slots for entertainment. It’s best to give yourself a time or money limit and then walk away.

Another reason to walk away is when a promotion ends. Some slot machines or casinos may have promotions that turn a bad or so-so game into a good one. These are great to play when the promotion is worth your while. However, when it ends, you should leave that game and go on to another one.

Finally, common sense will tell you when you should leave the machine. If you feel as though you’re becoming emotionally invested in a game or feel like you can’t walk away, this is the time when it’s best to do that. A fresh start or even just taking a short break will let you get back into the game with a clearer head.

Tricks to Winning on Slot Machines

If you’re in the game to win, then slot machines can pay out well. One key tip to remember is that higher denomination slots also have higher payback percentages. That doesn’t mean you should necessarily play the highest tiered games but you’re going to also have a higher payout when you hit a win. This can also mean you lose more money so make sure that you keep an eye on your wins and losses.

Another tip is to play slot machines that are at the end of a row. The theory behind this is that the machines located at the end of a row are going to be visible to people walking by. Casinos want those customers to see slot players winning so your chances of winning with these games is typically higher.

Finally, if you’re playing progressive slots, make sure that you bet enough to be eligible for all of the jackpots. You have to bet the maximum coins in order to be eligible in some slots. The jackpots make the wins worthwhile and can have a big payout but only if you qualify. Make sure that you’re meeting the requirement in order to increase your chances.

How Does a Slot Machine Know When to Pay Out

When you online slots you will win some spins and lose others. It is the nature of gambling. Of course, some people wonder how a slot machine determines whether it is going to make a payout or not each time you spin the reels. They want to know whether there is something going on in the backend that increases the chances of a spin being a winner, or whether everything is completely random, no matter what is happening with the slot game.

There are some people that even believe that by working out the algorithm behind a slot machine, they have a chance to increase their odds of winning. Is this really possible? Can the actions that you take encourage a slot to pay out more frequently? Can you really crack the ‘slot machine’ code?

Here, we want to look at what causes a slot machine to know when to payout. We want to talk about whether it is completely random, or whether certain factors will influence the rate of wins. Can slot machine wins be predicted? Let’s just jump in and take a look, shall we?

What Determines When a Slot Machine Will Payout?

When a slot machine is programmed, it will be programmed with a bit of code known as a ‘random number generator’. This bit of code essentially generates a number for each spin of the reel. The number generated will dictate the symbols that appear on the reels.

For the sake of simplicity, you can think of each number generated matching up to a certain outcome on the reels. When this number is generated, the slot machine will know exactly which symbols it should display on the reels. If these symbols match up to a winning pay line from the paytable, then the slot machine will know that it has to pay out winnings. If the numbers do not match up to anything, then the slot machine sees it as a loss.

As you can imagine, the numbers that match up to winning paylines will be far fewer than the numbers that indicate a loss. The numbers that indicate a win will actually be determined by a couple of factors, and these will be programmed in when the slot is designed:

Return to Player

this is how much a slot machine will give back to the player. For example, if a slot has an RTP of 92%, then you can expect every £100 gambled on that machine to return £92 to players. Obviously, this won’t be going to a single player. Some players will make a loss, while others will win. In the UK, each slot will need to be labelled with the RTP.

Slot Volatility

this is something that is often hidden, and you will need to read slot reviews or work out how to read paytables in order to determine the slot volatility. This will determine how often the slot will payout, and how much it will. If a slot has low volatility, it means that it pays out frequently, but the prizes are smaller. Therefore, the random number generator built into the machine will match up to a lot of different winning combinations. If a slot is high volatility, this means that it doesn’t pay out often, but the winnings tend to be a bit higher.

Can You Tell if A Slot is About to Drop?

The combination of RTP and slot volatility will determine when a slot machine will payout. It is a complex algorithm, but we can assure you that these are the only factors that will determine when a slot pays out and nothing more. Slots do not pay out more frequently the more people play the game. and they do not pay out more frequently when somebody has been on a losing streak. Every spin is just as random as the previous one, sometimes it just seems like you are more likely to drop a win after playing for a while.

For the most part, slots should payout at the same rate no matter how much you are gambling. There is just one slot machine that bucks this trend a little bit. Mega Moolah, one of the most popular progressive slots in the world, increases the chance of winning the jackpot based on how much you bet. The more you lay on a spin, the more chance you have of winning the jackpot. This is an exception to the rule, though. It does not influence the potential prizes in the ‘main’ part of the slot.

Do Slot Machines Pay Better at Certain Times?

Contrary to popular belief, slot machines do not pay out better at certain times of the day. In fact, this would likely be illegal for a casino to do. The UK Gambling Commission requires that games be fair, and to provide an equal chance of winning on each spin. if a slot machine did payout better at certain times of the day, then the slot machine would clearly need to state that this is happening. If that happened, nobody would play it outside of certain times, and that wouldn’t really work in the casino’s favour.

Of course, if you head to an online casino that lists winners on the front page, you will likely notice that the winners flow in a bit quicker of an evening. This could give the illusion that more people are winning at night. This is true. However, this is only because more people are playing the slot machines of an evening. We are positive that if you actually looked into it, you would discover that the percentage of people winning prizes remains roughly the same at all times throughout the day.


No matter what people tell you, there is absolutely no way to predict when a slot machine is going to payout. At least not in the United Kingdom. The law stipulates that each machine does need to be completely random. The chances of winning on each spin will need to be exactly the same. Slot machines cannot ‘up the chances’ of paying out based upon a number of successive losing spins, even though it may seem like it sometimes. Slot machines know to payout based upon a random number generator alone. Nothing more than that.

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