Are Free Spins Really Free?

Free spins offers are incredibly popular amongst avid online casino players in the UK. Many casino sites offer free spins keep your winnings welcome packages to encourage new players to register, whilst others dish out free spins on a regular basis to loyal customers. Promotional free spins can also be used to encourage players to try out new release slot games, and many online slots also offer free spins as part of their triggerable bonus features.

Considering that online slots are by far the most popular online casino game type, it should come as no surprise that free spins are, therefore, an enormous aspect within online casino culture and that casino sites frantically compete to showcase the best free spins offers.

However, some online gamblers – particularly those that are new to the industry – are understandably wary of free spins offers. Not a great deal in life is free, so are free spins really free? What is the catch? Let’s explore the concept of casino free spins further so that you have a greater understanding of these offers.

What are Free Spins?

Free spins are essentially a bundle of spins on a slot game that can be carried out for free. Usually, when playing an online slot, you are required to place a stake on each spin. Free spins take away this requirement, yet the player still has an opportunity to win.

As mentioned earlier, free spins can be granted as part of a slot game’s bonus feature, or by the casino site itself as a promotional or welcome offer.

Can You Win Money from Free Spins?

Absolutely, you can win money from free spins. However, many free spins offers may seem much more generous on the surface than they actually are. Do a little digging into the terms and conditions (which we recommend you do before claiming any casino bonus offer), and you may discover that there are capped winning limits and/or wagering requirements. For instance, if you are offered 75 free spins on Starburst slot game for signing up and placing an initial £10 deposit, this may sound like a dream come true. Upon studying the T&Cs linked to that offer, you may find that there are complex conditions. Your stakes may be capped at a maximum value which is quite low, e.g. 10p. This means that any winnings from your free spins can only be used for low value bets. Furthermore, your 75 free spins are likely set to a low value stake, limiting how much you can actually win.

This doesn’t mean that free spins offers are a scam or should be avoided. It simply highlights that many free spins offers aren’t necessarily as generous as they appear. As long as you read and understand the terms and conditions linked to your bonus and are happy with them, go ahead and claim your free spins. After all, any chance to win free cash is a bonus, right?

What’s in it for the Casino Site?

The online casino is committing to giving out free cash when offering a free spins promotions, and you may wonder how this is beneficial to the business. Firstly, the terms and conditions can significantly cap how much the casino has to give away for free. Secondly, the casino has gained a new customer by offering the bonus, which is invaluable to them. They aspire to keep you as a customer, hoping that you will enjoy their site and return to play. Furthermore, they have your contact details after registration, meaning they can (and probably will) attempt to contact you with further offers to entice you back. Essentially, free spins bonuses are win-win for both the customer and the casino.

How Do I Get Free Spins?

The great news is, it’s super easy to claim free spins. Find a reputable casino site that you like (check its reputation first and foremost, and that it holds that all-important license with the UK Gambling Commission to ensure fair play and security) and that has a free spins welcome offer. Check the terms and conditions, register and deposit if necessary. Simply launch the qualifying online slot and enjoy your free spins right away!