A Guide to Boku Pay By Mobile Casinos

If you’re a regular visitor to online casinos, you may have noticed a new payment method increasingly cropping up as a deposit option. Boku Pay By Mobile is the latest handy and popular payment option which casino players are eagerly utilising to help them spin the reels of their favourite mobile slots or play enjoyable casino games. But what is Boku Pay By Mobile service and how does it work? Before we study Boku specifically, let’s look at the ins and outs of a pay by phone casino.

What is a Pay By Mobile Casino?

A pay by mobile casino is simply what it says on the tin; an online casino with an option for players to top up their account funds using their mobile smartphone. A pay by mobile casino is often a regular online casino that offers an additional, convenient payment method via mobile device for its members. Since mobile internet access has increased tremendously in popularity during recent years, the trend of online gambling via mobile has also taken off spectacularly. As a result, mobile casinos – and ultimately, pay by phone casinos, have become the next big thing in the online gambling industry.

What is Boku?

There are a few methods which can be offered by pay by mobile casinos to enable players to top up their funds. Boku is one of the most popular options, and the Boku logo is becoming an increasingly common sight at many popular and high-end casino brands.

Boku is simply an internet-based service that enables people to pay for digital goods or services in a safe and secure way. You might use Boku to purchase music, a movie or spins on a mobile slot, and this will be billed to your mobile phone bill.

There are no bank details involved, making this a super secure payment option. The Boku account holder receives a confirmation message when a payment request is received; this needs to be authorised before the payment is processed.

Using Boku Payment Method: Step by Step

  1. Visit the Boku website and sign up.
  2. Select the Activate button on your account to ensure that every payment made requires authorisation from you.

You only have to carry out the above steps once.

  1. When you are logged into a mobile casino, head to the cashier area to place a deposit.
  2. Select “Boku Pay By Mobile” option.
  3. Input the amount you wish to deposit.
  4. You will receive a confirmation message for authorisation.
  5. Once authorised, the bill will be added to your mobile phone bill and you can begin using your deposited funds to play your favourite mobile casino games instantly.

How Can Boku Help Me to Play Online Slots?

Boku helps casino players to play their favourite slots and games in the same manner as every casino deposit payment option, i.e. the deposited funds are made available for the player to utilise as they wish within the online casino. However, Boku offers peace of mind for players thanks to its added level of security. A hacker would struggle to make a payment posing as you, since  the Boku payment process requires authorisation from you before going through.

Final Thoughts

Pay by mobile casinos continue to rise in popularity as more and more players are discovering their convenience and ease of use. Boku is a reputable pay by mobile brand that is recognised and used globally, and is always an excellent choice of deposit method at UK mobile casinos thanks to its efficiency, security and user-friendliness. If you’re enthusiastic about pay my mobile slots and games and you’ve found the perfect, reputable casino to do so – give Boku a try the next time you want to top up your bankroll. 

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