2019 ICE London Campaign Creative Unveiled

The popular gaming event ICE London saw as many as 33,536 visitors in 2018 and the next event being held in 2019 is set to reach even more. Clarion Gaming have just unveiled the theme of the 2019 event, talking about how they will celebrate the geniuses who help to make the gaming industry great. The event will be promoted using the hashtag #spiritofgenius so make sure to look out for this when you are out and about.

Taking place at ExCel London between 5th – 7th February next year, this event is set to impress. The reason for the spirt of genius theme is based on the fact that Clarion Gaming don’t think that those behind gaming technology get enough recognition. The industry has been growing over the years and this is all thanks to those geniuses. Managing director of Clarion Gaming, Kate Chambers, has talked about this in detail explaining that it is “about time that someone started banging the drum” of those who have made the industry great.

The exhibition that will be held in 2019 is expected to have around 600 different exhibitors. These exhibitors will show off their products, their inventions and talk about the great ideas that they have. ICE London has done a great job in the past and this event is set to really be something that shouldn’t be missed.

Clarion Gaming want this campaign to stand out and so they are using different ground-breaking inventions to show what the gaming industry is capable of. On the adverts, you’ll see inventions such as the printing press, the barcode, applied mathematics and much more. This campaign is going to hit people hard and they will be interested to see what is going to go on at this next event.

As we look onto the 2019 event, it is interesting to note that last year had an 11% increase in attendance from 2017. As this has now been growing for the past seven years, there is no doubt that the popularity of the event, coupled with the great campaign will bring in a lot of people.

Make sure to stay up to date with the latest information about ICE London and head over to ExCel London between 5th and 7th February 2019. You will likely see more about the campaign up until this time.

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